Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Congrats to Jamie

I thought this was worth a shout-out.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Onward and upward

Well, looks like I'll be in Michigan the next two years. It was a tough call--Minnesota had a lot of intangibles going for it, not least of which was Vergasy's being around. However, Michigan had a significantly larger faculty, which meant more classes that were appealing, as well as more electives built into the curriculum. I remember the immense number of available classes being what I most enjoyed about Yale (apart from the comraderie, of course). And I recognize that grad school is a bit of a different ballgame in this regard, but in the end, that's what carried the day. I'm excited to get started on a career path that's going somewhere (I've been spinning my wheels in a law firm for a year knowing I wasn't going to law school).

So, Verg, sad to say, I won't be in town. It really is disappointing to me, because I do have very real aspirations of leaving near some of you guys down the road. My next best shot may be China for an internship next summer or perhaps as a job after I graduate.

Unless any of you are itching to move to a town with nothing apart from a university...or if Detroit beckons...

Right. I guess not.