Friday, February 25, 2005

Girls Basketball update

The Waukon Indians defeated Dubuque Wahlert 46 to 34. Apparently it was an ugly game, but, as legendary coach Gene Klinge has been known to say, you only need to win by 1. They advance to the state tournament and play a week from Tuesday in Des Moines.

Late Update: Finally got my dad on the phone, and he said it was definitely a sloppy game. After being up 17-3 in the 2nd quarter they let them get within 6 in the second half. Emily had 7 points. Here's the newspaper write-up:
The coach is a 68-year-old local legend reliving his teenage years and discovering exactly who Snoop Doggy Dog is.

The star guard is a 23-point per night force [Sam Reiser] and NCAA Division I prospect.

The spunky, sure-handed point guard doesn't even reach 5-foot-6 in heels. The bench is a deep collection of seasoned, skilled role players who have been playing together since grade school.

Add it all together and it's an unbeatable, state championship combination. The Waukon girls basketball team is playing in Iowa Class 3A, but in another league than the rest of the state. The Indians are also wearing a size 24 Bulls'-Eye.

"We love the pressure," senior forward Stephanie Snitker said.

Apparently. The unbeaten Indians survived a furious coup attempt by Dubuque Wahlert and booked another trip to Des Moines with a laboring 46-34 triumph Friday over the unranked Eagles before an estimated standing room crowd of 1,300 in the Region 6 final.

. . .

The Indians' 52nd straight victory came on a night when their shot went south and the Golden Eagles lowered the volume Waukon's high-voltage 70-point-per-night offense by 24 points in a dazzling defensive performance.

Read the rest here (you have to register but it's free). 1300 isn't bad for a high school girls game where both teams are playing away from home. Waukon has a population of about 4000.


Blogger Tally Ho said...

Can I get another update on the b-ball situation. I don't have cable.

11:06 PM  
Blogger Vergasy said...

They play a week from tonight in Des Moines. If they win they play Thursday. If they win they play Saturday for the championship. Shata, Shata's mom, and I will be there Thursday thru Saturday.

If you want I can mail you tapes of the radio play by play--my dad tapes them all. I don't know if they be on TV before the final game.

11:22 PM  

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