Saturday, February 04, 2006

Next step

At Chuck's request, here's the update on my applications to Master of Health Administration programs at public health schools. I've applied to Minnesota, Michigan and UNC-Chapel Hill. Interviewed at Minnesota a couple of weeks ago and got a call this week that I will be offered admission. So that's good news (I applied to Duke MBA in the fall and was denied admission. No fun.). I have an interview at Michigan on 2/13 and UNC on 3/10.

Michigan seems to be the consensus #1 program and Public Health school in general. I went by there in November and met with someone on staff and got the impression that their strength is the size of the full-time PhD faculty. Other schools tend to use a contingent of part-time faculty and non-PhD instructors. Average class size (35-40 students/year) is also larger than other programs (approx. 25): larger alumni network.

This summer I went and spent a weekend w/ Vergasy and figured I would go visit w/ someone at Minnesota. I hadn't really considered it too seriously as an option. The lady I met with there, though, gave me a very positive impression of the program: large endowment relative to student population, retain outside consultants to help students determine what type of role/organization would be the best fit, alumni nationwide. When I was there recently for the interview, I enjoyed the people and faculty I met. Seems like it would be a good place.

UNC seems to be a more regional program: a majority of their students and alumni are in the southeast. I met with a faculty member there and he wasn't much of a salesman about the program.

I get the feeling that on one level this process is essentially buying an alumni network, for better and/or worse.

Anyway, that's the story at the moment. I'm looking forward to being in a new spot. St. Louis has been fine and K and I may come back here down the road b/c it's a good spot geographically (about halfway between South AR and Cleveland). Even still, I look forward to a new place. Would certainly be cool to be in Minneapolis while Ver is there.

Any input or insight into this process would of course be appreciated.


Blogger Vergasy said...

We'd love to have you, however long "Ver is there" (some of us prefer longer than others).

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