Sunday, November 20, 2005

Moving away from the center

So the Times magazine has an article by two well respected political scientists, Jacob Hacker (Yale) and Paul Pierson (UC Berkely) about Republican power, representation, and majority rule. Most of the conclusions they refer to are pretty well established results in the theoretical and American politics literature, but I was curious about what non-political sciencde folk thought about their argument, piece, etc . . .


Blogger Vergasy said...

Good article, but not a whole lot that I hadn't heard before. The two things that did stick out were the comment about the smaller states being more Republican giving the Republicans an edge in the Senate and the passage about coordination of conscience votes.

Why hasn't the media picked up on this Republican entrenchment more? Is it a combination of Republicans rationing media access by loyalty and the fact the majority party does actually set the agenda? Are journalists just too lazy?

12:48 PM  
Blogger Vergasy said...

More thoughts/questions:

1-How bad is this entrenchment of power for democracy? My guess is pretty bad. I think Lenin style party unity in both parties would be a disaster for democracy.

2-Why haven't the Democrats been able to counter? Are there beliefs too varied and their adherence to those varied principles too great allow them to organize? Does their pot smoking make them too lethargic?

3-Do we really want Democrats to counter in kind? As I asked in my first point, wouldn't this be really bad for the people who are trying to elect their representation?

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