Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just Passing It Along

This came from an email my dad got from and old co-worker down south. I think it speaks to another reason why people who had no where to go didn't want to leave (in addition to the fact that there have been warnings with little or no incident for 30 years):

> My brother lives in Florida and I go down there each year at this time and
> last year we got caught in a hurricane and ended up going to a shelter. It
> was a difficult decision to make, but since this was the first major
> hurricane my brother and his wife were experiencing in his current
> townhouse, they just weren't sure how it would hold up, and from the news,
> it was hard to determine what to do -- flee.. where? So, the first night
> in the shelter was an "interesting" sociological experience... We were in
> an air conditioned school room, bathroom in the room, TV.. Red cross
> delivered food at night --- What a life!
> But then, the electricity went out, bathroom problem, no A/C.. and then the
> roof started leaking.... so we had to move to another room that was packed
> (with a lot of snorers). That second night was just lovely... On the
> third day, we were all ready to move out! So while two of us were cautious
> about leaving without sheriff approvals (before they were able to determine
> if there were downed cables in the streets, etc...), one of us wanted out
> -- end of story..... So... out we went as did some others, ultimately
> with no problems. What is unfortunate is that after having an experience
> in what started out to be a "luxurious" shelter, you never want to have to
> go through such conditions again and may put yourself in danger in the
> future. (And fortunately my brother's home was fine -- they just had to
> live without electricity for awhile in humid Florida, no decent food, and
> limited gas..) I can only imagine what the people in LA and MS had to
> deal with.


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