Thursday, April 14, 2005

I punched Saddam in the mouth

There is a large article this week in Riverfront Times ( that tells the story of a Iraqi guy living in St. Louis who served in Iraq as an interpreter attached to the unit that found Saddam. He was a civilian contractor and was the guy who actually pulled Saddam out of the bunker (after punching him in the mouth). He is telling his story in response to the article that came out recently calling into question the Pentagon line, which we earlier discussed. He's got photographs that were taken shortly after he and some of the soldiers beat Saddam. Anyway, it's a pretty interesting story I thought might be of interest.


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How do you make a hyperlink?

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Blogger Tally Ho said...

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Blogger Tally Ho said...

You don't. The market will take care of it.

(I think you highlight and hit ctrl-shift-a . . . there's also a button with a globe and a chain link, I think)

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