Sunday, February 06, 2005

Effects of the Iraqi Election

I figure there are two fronts where the implications are important. First, and overarching, should be the effects on long terms stability and freedom in Iraq and the region in general. Does the, relatively, peaceful voting and large turnout signify hope and how "freedom is on the march?" Or is it just the first step of an enthusiastic populace's attempt to install an Iran-style theocracy.
Second, what does it mean for the Hawk agenda and, perhaps more importantly, the Bush agenda.

Unfortunately, I think that it's very likely that Iraq will evolve quite quickly into an Iran style theocracy. The elites that the US wants to rule will be forced to leave and many of their assetts along with the assetts of foreign investors wil be nationalized. Regarding the homefront, I think that if there's one adminstration that's going to be able to usethe "success" of the election to further it's domestic agenda, it's this one. It was nice to see everyone vote and all and it will provide Bush and his folks with lots of great rhetoric for the time being, but I'm still worried about Iraq and that this veneer of success will lead to further policy blunders. But these are just first thoughts.


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